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Pool Renovations, Palm Beach Home Pros

An old pool is usually what you find when buying a new property. Maybe yours has been built for quite a while and could use some improvements. Or you will probably make some new additions and remove a thing or two. The reasons for needing or wanting pool renovations are many. Regardless of your choice, take the time to find reliable professionals for the project. At Palm Beach Home Pros, we would love to support you with this task. We want to ensure you can look at and enjoy your pool while thinking about its stun.

Pool renovations can vary in difficulty and magnitude. Some pool owners decide to make small additions, such as adding lights or maybe a new entry to the pool. Others will decide to change the entire surface or change the pool deck.

All those projects and ideas enter the renovation process since it is a matter of changing elements in your pool. Sometimes, even making a pool look completely different from your usual or current design.

The entire process is challenging as it takes quite a lot of time and materials. Without proper professionals, you can also struggle to get all the details in order.

We have had to fix several problems left behind by “experts” in the industry in many situations. This happens when no real professionals handle the task; instead, they just promise top-quality services but deliver the opposite.

Those situations can be avoided when you rely on professionals like us. The question is, what kind of renovations can we handle?

As mentioned earlier, we work with both small and large-scale projects. Some renovations we have done over the years include the following:

  • Add more features to the outdoors: fire pits, pergolas, etc.
  • Pool lighting for a new landscape design or complement the pool.
  • Resurface the entire pool deck.
  • Change the tiles or surface of the pool itself.
  • Make the pool larger.
  • Improve heating and change purification systems.
  • Automate functions and add amenities such as slides.
  • Modify the entire design, structure, and style.

How to Contact Our Team in Florida

If you want to work with us at Palm Beach Home Pros, our team is available all year round. It only takes a call or email. You can also use our contact form to request the service.

We will need photos of your current pool and some information such as:

  • The size or dimension of the pool area.
  • Your expectations and ideas.
  • The type of renovation you want for the pool.
  • Your budget for the project.
  • Details about the pool: how old it is, the materials used, and recent repairs or maintenance performed.

We will compile all the information and provide an idea and estimate for your project. We would love to schedule a visit to inspect the pool if possible. Then, we can clearly tell you what you can get done during this renovation.

Contact us today for more details.

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