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Epoxy Flake Coatings, Palm Beach Home Pros

If your main goal with epoxy coatings is an anti-slip floor, you should consider epoxy flake coatings above any other. Regardless of the material you use, all epoxy floors should have anti-slippery properties. This is part of the beauty of opting for this option in homes, businesses, and industries. However, the flake alternative brings more opportunities and supports this benefit. The thing is: you need to use the right materials and apply the coat well.

We at Palm Beach Home Pros worry about providing the best services and results. You can count on us if you would rather have this coating over any other. If you start with our recommendation, if you don’t even know if you should be aiming for it, we sit. We will usually inspect your floors and understand your needs. We want to ensure the epoxy coat you are applying with us accommodates your needs and will cover every problem. This is without sacrificing appearance and how the aesthetical result should be.

Remember that epoxy flake coating doesn’t make you forget about a stunning floor. Let’s just say it is an extra step before you get to the design and style.

The whole process involves applying the epoxy layer—with all the necessary chemicals—on your floor. Once this is done, we add colored flakes according to your preferences and the final design you want.

The goal of the flakes is to add the texture and patterns you want for the floor. Hence, this is more like the final look for your floors.

This process includes us blow-torching the resin to ensure everything fuses properly and creates the desired surface. Otherwise, you will have the floor far from what is expected.

What’s So Different About This Coating?

Although the whole concept of epoxy is the same, the design and result will vary.

Besides the extra benefit of an anti-slip surface, you must consider the aesthetics.

You can get the flakes in multiple colors and create very distinctive designs. Some people even play with the shapes and forms they can get by adding flakes and colors during the process.

However, you will usually get an orange peel-like finish. This is due to how the flakes are added after the epoxy chemical and the texture from the entire drying.

Is it inevitable? 90% of the time. Although you continue to get close to a smooth floor, the visual and very light texture remains. This is so the floor can be non-slippery and offer the benefit you’re looking for.

We know this can be a problem for some, but the multiple designs you can get will compensate for it. Also, our team works hard so you can be happy with the result.

Contact Palm Beach Home Pros today to get all the details and have our team working on your project. We will give you a free estimate and ensure this is the epoxy coating you need—and want.

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