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Playground Synthetic Turf, Palm Beach Home Pros

Your space should be beautiful. You want people to feel attracted to it and want to spend time in it. However, this shouldn’t come at the expense of safety. Children should enjoy the area for playgrounds and be happy with the equipment, toys, and what you offer. But considering they are not aware of the dangers. Your task is to keep them safe. Playground synthetic turf is a great option for any recreational area for kids. It will reduce the impact of falls or any accidents.

With multiple options in the market, it is questionable to choose synthetic turf for playgrounds. But considering everything depends on factors such as:

  • The height of the equipment installed.
  • What does the playground offer—activities, things to do, and how can kids play?
  • The softness and experience you want to offer them.
  • The kids’ age and those using the playground.

You can choose synthetic turf in several situations. For instance, when children from 7 to 9 years old are involved. Older ones apply to the “rule” as well.

Once you determine if synthetic turf is the right option, focusing on the turf’s quality and performance is crucial. For all this, our team at Palm Beach Home Pros can help you. We will recommend the best option for artificial turf and ensure it complies with all standards.

When working with us, you must know our priority: keeping children and every person safe. We will consider how stunning the space should look, but we care first about guaranteeing the playground won’t bring any issues.

For this, we need to determine how the playground will be designed. This is easy if we are the ones handling the entire project. However, we require information if you are outsourcing the surface installation with us as your experts. For instance, the factors mentioned previously.

Why We Recommend Playground Synthetic Turf

It is durable, affordable, long-lasting, and stunning.

Many people opt for leaving the natural turf or grass grow. This should bring the usual green appearance and support. However, it costs more water and time and isn’t eco-friendly. It is also hard to get proper impact absorption properties due to how inconsistent natural turf can be.

For this, synthetic turf brings the solution.

You don’t have to water it every day or week. It is eco-friendly, and it can last for over a decade. Repairs are simple and cheap. You also have much more support, especially for high-impact activities, falls, and accidents.

It may be more expensive as a short-term installation. However, it pays off itself, and you have a playground that will reassure parents.

Contact us today for more information. Our company only uses top-quality products and turf. We will guarantee the best installation and give you all the options based on your budget and needs.

All we need is to visit your place and learn about the playground. Once done, we start designing the space and making the installation possible.

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