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Concrete Foundations, Palm Beach Home Pros

Foundations are everything. You can prepare the walls, choose the stunning color that will go in them, and add more features. But things will just fall apart if you don’t have a good concrete foundations for your property. This is why you want to prioritize the contractors who can perform the service. The Palm Beach Home Pros team can promise the best results. We will show you how we work with them and guarantee your property or structure will be stable and durable. All thanks to the foundation we have poured for you.

Based on your project and structure, we will design, plan, and execute the foundation. We need to know what you will build, your final goal with it, and if you have any preferences in the type.

If you give us the details, we will handle the rest. In most cases, the type is even chosen by our team since we will always go for the most suitable for your home or structure.

You can rest assured our experts and contractors will also use top-quality materials. The equipment, tools, and products will be on point, so the result is perfect.

That being said, we’re here to work with a concrete foundation on a small or large scale. You can contact us and have our work in a full building foundation, a small house, a cottage, or maybe just any other structure. We don’t set limits or requirements for this.

What Types of Concrete Foundations Do We Make?

The T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and frost-protected foundations are the main ones in our company. They are suitable for most projects, save time and money, and guarantee stability and durability.

The land, soil conditions, and weather in the area will make a difference when choosing the foundation.

For instance, a T-shaped foundation is the most common one. It supports small and large structures, but the main reason for its use is how it resists conditions when the ground freezes. You won’t have to worry about the concrete cracking or the foundation being damaged.

We need to place the footing, build and pour the walls with the concrete, and place the slab, so it is stable. It is simple but a very strong and unique foundation for your construction.

The slab-on-place option is the counterpart of the T-shaped one. It is for places where the ground doesn’t freeze and tends to be thicker. This is because it is a single layer, and the edges are made even thicker than the foundation to guarantee durability and stability.

The process of this layer needs to be done right the first time, as all the concrete is poured at once to get the complete result.

Finally, the first protected option is for heated structures only. You cannot use it for more than this. You get the same benefits as the previous foundation but for areas that frost. You can consider it a combination of the previous two.

For more information about these options or to have our team help you with the selection, call or email us.

We will assess your place, recommend the best foundation, and start working on it.

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