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Plunge Pools, Palm Beach Home Pros

What are pools for? Having fun, exercising, and diving in. These are the common answers that come to mind. But if you are one of those people that just want to cool off and lounge in, you may find them useless. After all, pools aren’t cheap. They come with an initial investment and recurring expenses due to maintenance. However, plunge pools can avoid all the hassle if you want to enjoy the day and relax inside one. Our Palm Beach Home Pros team helps you design plunge pools to achieve the best state of mind.

We need to work around your needs, budget, and preferences. Building a pool takes more than just your usual process. Communication between you and our professionals is crucial to achieving the best result. Otherwise, getting the design and features as you imagined and expected is difficult.

If you aren’t sure about the type of pool you want in terms of design, we can just give you some samples. We know not all property owners and clients clearly know what they want. With so many options on the Internet and inspiration everywhere, it gets rough.

This is why we remind you: we’re designers and guides. We are here to ensure you have your property’s specific design, blueprints, and style. We review your preferences, such as colors and materials, to develop a good idea for your plunge pool.

Where Should You Build a Plunge Pool?

Most clients looking for it will work around the limited space in their homes or businesses. In our case, we usually build plunge pools where you want to save space.

A standard pool takes up much of your backyard, which can be uncomfortable when trying to get a specific landscape. A plunge one is better if you only want to relax and have the feature.

They can be as small as 8 to 12 feet wide and about 12 to 24 feet long. It is possible to design them with a stairs style. As you enter, the pool goes deeper. Or they can be built with all the parts even and enough to stand and enjoy.

It is up to you in terms of dimensions. However, having a plunge pool that is quite large ends up being a waste of space. You could have a better pool—standard one or other options—for the same price and meeting more purposes.

Our Palm Beach Home Pros team can guide you in making the decision. We work hard to determine what’s the best for your space and then proceed to design the pool.

You can contact our experts and get a free estimate. We would love to schedule a visit so we can see the property and space we have available. We will give the quote without any obligations. You can always hire us immediately, discuss the project, or get back to us later.

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